I’m tired.

The last couple of years of the hustle and bustle of high tech work has been exhausting. Being a product manager is tiring. It’s great, exciting, and very rewarding work, but it’s a tremendously difficult (and stressful) position to be in.

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The massive pressure of delivering both the good and the bad news to Stakeholders, C-level executives, Sales teams, Engineering teams, etc., etc. — you carry a large load on your shoulders at all times. Product management really at its core — as has been said time and time again before me, is a people role. …

Me Trying to Write this Article

What’s your ultimate goal when trying to write? Or trying to produce videos? Or make podcasts? Or take pictures?

Everyone's answer will be subjective and distinct — my answer, is I'm trying to make it a habit. I’m trying to incorporate it into my daily routine similarly to everything else that I do regularly. My morning stretches, making my fancy Drip Coffee in the morning, going to the gym, doing my work, etc. I want and need content creation to just become second nature, so I'm trying my absolute hardest to just push something out as regularly as humanely possible.

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The pandemic presented a unique and awe-inspiring opportunity for self-reflection. For better or worse — we as a species were left with an abundance of time. In an age where everything seems to come and go at a forceful pace — the pandemic left us all with time.

The world crashed and burned to try to deal with this abundance. With nothing better to do, people regressed to their vices of overindulgence. Overindulgence of food, Netflix, social media, booze — you name it. 2020 contained trying times for most people I know. It was an experience unlike any other —…

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Getting a job is always fantastic. So much of our self worth is predicated off of how much we feel we are contributing to society — regardless how we actually feel about it on the surface. Being part of the larger social machine makes us feel safe and productive. Human beings are pack animals who feel best when included in a functional whole.

Given the current global, political and social landscape — in the face of a mounting pandemic unbeknownst to the modern world, that pack mentality has dissipated surely over the course of the last several months. The corporate…

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Interdependence — (noun) the dependence of two or more people or things on each other.

There’s more power in “we” then there ever has been in “I.” The “I” comes from fear and control, the “we” comes from trust and liberation. Capitalism relies on the individual “I” to keep its engine running. The absence of a “we” attitude has left groups of people marginalized, without access to healthcare and without access to access to higher education. The “I” creates exclusivity. The “I” privatized healthcare and made university unaffordable for the lay man. The “I” keeps an exclusive, homogenous group of…

The Power of Nowness in the Corporate World

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Tech survives off of constant integration and development. Large and small scale corporations need meticulous planning and laser focused execution to stay afloat and be successful. It is the constant awareness of everyones “Next Big Thing” that drives companies forward.

At what cost? In a never ending game of what is coming next and for the sake of ALWAYS innovating, what happens to the current moment? What happens to the present? What happens to the lives of the people driving these companies forward?

The absence of “nowness” in the workplace leads to…

So much of the world is up in flames right now. The last year has been something that will most certainly go down in the everyone’s personal history books. Making issues more difficult, a large majority of industries have been forced to WFH (Work from Home) fully; an unprecedented change in the history of the modern workplace. The workforce has been dealt a hand of cards it has no experience with.

The traditional workplace queues that we have all grown accustomed to through working face to face with our colleagues, are now gone. We have been forced to rely on…


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